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The Best Limousine Transport

17th March 2021
SINGAPORE – Whether it is shuttling a visiting senior executive from Headquarters or greeting a VIP guest, having the best limousine transport ready at the airport is sure to make a great first impression. It does not get any more ‘front-line’ than a posh, upscale limousine waiting punctually for one’s guest upon his / her arrival in Singapore.

Yet with so many choices to choose from, how does one decide which is the best limousine company in Singapore? We have therefore provided a list of traits that we believe would help anyone identify the best limousine transport option, making the decision process that much easier.

Customer Experience is a Prioritised

Simply promising good customer service is no longer sufficient. When seeking the best possible choice for a limousine company in Singapore, look for actual indicators that the company prioritises customer service.

Is delivering a good customer experience a highlight on the website? Are there actual testimonials with the customers’ names and even pictures available? Are there objective reviews about the company outside of the limousine company’s website, like on Google or Facebook? Taking a couple of extra minutes to locate these objective indicators can help one quickly identify the best limousine company for impressing an important guest.

Customer Safety and COVID-19 Preventive Measures

Ever since the pandemic, travelling is no longer the same. Stick with a limousine company that is confident about their COVID-19 preventive measures, and learn how much they prioritise the safety of their customers.

At Prime Aces Limousine for instance, we safeguard the health and safety of our passengers through multiple measures, including compulsory always wearing of face masks (on duty), providing passengers with face masks where needed, equipping all vehicles with hand sanitizers, thoroughly disinfecting our vehicles after each ride, regular temperature checks and so on.

Prime Aces Limousine has even collaborated with a healthcare group to provide the option of getting one’s designated chauffeur tested for COVID-19, through the Antigen Rapid Test (ART) which provides results within 30 minutes of testing. During these times of uncertainty, the best limousine transport company is one that takes no chances when it comes to customers’ health and safety.

Fast yet Reliable

The poshest of limousines is only worth it if they are assured to greet your executive and VIP guests on time, every single time. Providing a Mercedes black car, first-class, luxury sedan would mean little if it could not punctually transfer your guest from one point to another.
When researching the best option for a limousine company in Singapore, find one that goes beyond promising punctuality. Look for one that guarantees it. And like the point on customer experience, browse for reviews about the limousine company’s reliability.
Aside from punctuality, one may wish to find a limousine transport that delivers a quick, efficient booking process. In business, time is money and unless managing a unique booking, spending more than 10 minutes securing a limousine service should not be the standard. It would be a bonus if the limousine company had an app that allowed customers to track real time status of the chauffeur and vehicle.

Flexible and Professional

When it comes to travel, schedule changes and discrepancies are inevitable. The best limousine company in Singapore should manage such circumstances with grace and professionalism. Check the website and read the reviews on how the chauffeurs behaved even after extended flight delays.

Delivering impeccable and professional service during smooth times is not an indicator of the best limousine service. Ensuring a smooth and pleasant ride / transfer under the most frustrating of circumstances is what defines an experienced and first-class limousine transport company.

Every five-star review that mentions flight delays is a strong indicator of just how well respected one’s guest will be. Look out for these.

Looking to impress your executive or VIP guests? Drop Prime Aces Limousine a request here.

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