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Hire a Chauffeur Service in Singapore for your VIP Guest

Navigating a foreign country such as Singapore can be hectic. So does micromanaging every detail of your day to fit enough time for all scheduled activities. A chauffeur service grants you the ability to travel seamlessly and comfortably with enough time to catch your breath on your commute during transfers.

Luxury, safety, and convenience exist on multiple planes, varying based on the clients’ needs and preferences. At Prime Aces Limousine, we recognize and appreciate the different unique corporate travel needs and seek to fulfill them through excellent chauffeur services in Singapore. Regardless of your nature of visit – business or leisure – Prime Aces Limousine has a comfortable luxury vehicle on standby to pick you at the Airport and chauffeur you to your destination. If we don’t have the solution you need, we find one for you so are always satisfied.

As a locally-based private executive limousine ground transportation provider, we have inside information on how the transportation system works in the country. We can, therefore, easily navigate through traffic in the bustling streets, ensuring your airport transfer or in city point-to-point transfer in your luxury Limousine is on time.

Our chauffeur services redefine the expectations of quality in ground transportation. The services, excellently calibrated, are incomparable to rental car services and taxis in Singapore from our commitment to client safety, convenience, luxury, and comfort. Prime Aces Limousine’s chauffeur services provide luxury executive transportation that makes sure you arrive in style and on time every time at your destinations and make the best impressions always.

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Chauffeur Service in Singapore
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An engagement with us is insurance into your foreseeable traveling future. Let us take the hassle out of your travel arrangements by making it all for you. We work collaboratively with our clients, mapping their travel arrangements and fulfilling them by schedule. We gracefully handle our clients’ requests even with last-minute arrangements, ensuring their maximum satisfaction.

Prime Aces Limousine exists to keep you fulfilled. Our prestigious limousines and other luxury vehicles will cover your airport transfers, corporate events, meetings, and financial roadshows in Singapore. We also offer quick, efficient responses to client inquiries with minimal time-wasting inquiry lag time. Through our easy-to-use intuitive limousine booking platform and mobile application, you carry the power of our full service in the palm of your hand.


Part of what makes our service exceptional is the attitude and aptitude of our chauffeurs. They come adorned in professional suits and an intrinsic value system that treasures client safety, comfort, and discreetness. They also have a strong understanding of the need for timeliness as a necessity for efficient client service.

Paul Webb from the Pro Magazine says:

“I think a great chauffeur is defined by the client, who knows they can rely on you to transport them, or their family, or business associates, in a manner where they feel you are the most reliable member of their extended family.”

You can rely on our professional chauffeurs to handle you with grace, patience, and utmost concern for your well-being. Our chauffeurs, trained, certified and background checked, are committed to upholding our expectations of excellent service, offered in the highest standards. 


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