Offset Carbon Footprint

We commit to reducing our carbon footprint by planting one million trees as part of our Sustainability Commitment. Every act counts. Join us in our fight to reduce carbon emissions by planting more trees.

Offset Carbon Footprint


PRIME ACES LIMOUSINE Sustainability committment –

Plant One Million Trees

Prime Aces Limousine (PAL) cares about the environment and is committed to protecting it. To combat global warming and climate change, we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG emissions). Although other greenhouse gases such as methane, are also of concern, reducing CO2 is a top priority for climate action, whether becoming carbon neutral or reaching net-zero emissions.

Carbon Offset reduces the daily emissions we create. Through this process, people compensate for their emissions by funding projects that support sustainable development in communities around the world. Projects like these reduce emissions equivalent to the amount you produce, either absorbing or counteracting carbon dioxide, bringing balance to the environment.

The Goal: To Plant One Million Trees.

Prime Aces Limousine Forest

Prime Aces Limousine partnership with ecomatcher

April 2022 is a meaningful day for PAL. On this day, PAL announced our partnership with Ecomatcher. The company will offset its carbon footprint for the future and past, spanning back to the day Prime Aces Limousine was established four years ago. PAL will plant 1,000 trees by Earth Day on 22nd April 2022

Earth Day 2022

Through the tree planting foundation that EcoMatcher works with, PAL is planting 1000 trees in Indonesia at “Prime Aces Limousine Forest”. You can virtually travel to our trees and learn more about every tree.

EcoMatcher is the world’s first digital platform that helps companies increase sustainability engagement with their customers and become more visibly sustainable through transparent Tree-planting

Transparency in tree-planting is important. It provides insights to stakeholders into where their contributions are going. It can prevent greenwashing. It ensures every tree is planted and looked after and holds every player in the supply chain accountable.

At EcoMatcher, they used advanced Blockchain technology for complete Supply Chain traceability. They built a Tree Tracker for the visibility of every tree. In this way, there are no secrets, and you can know everything about your trees.

Prime Aces Limousine Forest

How do we offset carbon footprint?

One Booking One Tree

Every booking = One Tree Planted

PAL is taking action today by planting 1000 trees to offset all the previous emissions we produced. And every 1000 bookings we receive in the future, we will plant another 1000 trees until we achieve One Million Trees.

Gift A Tree

Gift of Tree Gift of Love

You will receive a tree from us with every booking you make. To achieve this meaningful deed, we will plant a tree on your behalf.

You can also choose to plant a tree and present it as a gift to their loved ones.

Ride in Electric Vehicle

Ride in Electric Vehicle

The first electric vehicle will be available for hire before 2023. We aim to be using 100% EV fleets by 2033. You can also do your part by choosing electric vehicles over Internal Combustion Engine vehicles.