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Fast track through passport and customs checks

Experience a touch of class, exquisite comfort, and seamless flow through Airport protocol with our highly sought-after premium executive and exclusive meet and greet plan during your next Singapore visit. Prime Aces Limousine has partnered with JetQuay – the elite Airport terminal at Singapore’s Changi Airport. As such, we are better placed to ease your airport experience with a comprehensive suite of top-notch VIP services.

We serve passengers traveling on full-service carriers, on any class – arriving, departing, or transiting through all 4 Changi Airport Terminals.

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Departure hall at Singapore-Changi Airport
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Greeting by Dedicated Guest Office at Aerobridge
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The Premium Meet and Greet experience is a premium service allowing you to relax as our dedicated personnel attends to your airport needs.

Upon arrival, you will be met by a dedicated guest relations officer (adorned in personalized signage) at the aerobridge exit, who will escort you via a private car to the JetQuay CIP terminal for Immigration clearance. As you enjoy the chilled pristine environment of our lounge area, our team will transfer your luggage from the main terminal to your waiting designated Limousine service.


  • You receive the premium professional and dedicated service of our personnel geared at easing your entry into the country.
  • Augmented security and safety standards, including access to an exclusive Covid-19 swab test facility.
  • Enjoy added security and exclusivity as you undergo the mandatory On-arrival Test (OAT).
  • You enjoy a hassle-free experience as you breeze through airport immigration at the JetQuay CIP terminal.
  • In-house immigration at jetQuay limits Queuing while offering top-notch services.
  • The Unique Infrastructure at the CIP terminal allows your non-traveling companions to receive you or see you off.
  • Exclusive access to the terminal facilities like the Business center, Shower facilities, and well-appointed Lounge to Wine and Dine.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi access

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Greeting @ Aerobridge
Dedicated Guest Relation Officer
Private Car escort at tarmac
Dedicated Immigration Clearance
Usage of Business Centre Facility
Usage of Shower Facilities
Complimentary WIFI Access
Private Covid-19 Swab Test facility
Immigration Clearance Duration
Under 60 Minutes
120 Minutes

The Meet and Greet experience FAQ

What is the VIP meet and Greet service?

It’s a premium service facilitating your arrival or departure experiences in Singapore. It encompasses everything from personalized welcoming, assistance with airport Immigration processing, luggage, and chauffeured travel to your destination or residence. The unique experience is calibrated to meet the highest standards of class, style, and luxury, ensuring your effortless arrival and departure even in cases of unexpected events in your travel plans.

What should I expect from the Service?

Upon arrival, you will be met by our waiting guest relations officer at the exit of the aerobridge. The guest relations officer will then escort you to the JetQuayCIP terminal, where you will clear through Immigration and Customs with the help of our professionally trained personnel. You will have access to our fully equipped luxurious Lounge area where you could relax and freshen up while our team retrieves your luggage and ferries it to your Limousine service.

What additional benefits does this service offer?

Guaranteed Exclusivity and privacy as you undergo the mandatory On arrival Test and Covid Swab Test.

Typically, all travelers into Singapore undergo the OnArrival Test (OAT) at the main Singapore Changi Airport Terminal. Even with the fraction of the population currently traveling due to Covid-19, the number of people that have to undergo the OAT is significant. This population poses the arduous challenge of having to wait for long durations before clearing. With the large population, there is the obvious limitation of complete privacy and potential risks of contamination.

Our JetQuay Terminal – the elite terminal at Changi airport – offers the best alternative solution. A safe, relaxing, comfortable atmosphere with its private testing facility. Our clientele can undergo the OAT with total privacy, exclusivity, and professional assistance of the guest relations officer and trained health care officials.

JetQuay also has a private and exclusive Covid Swab Test facility that caters to 3 travelers at a time in separate fully sanitized booths. As such, we ensure minimal contact and exposure by reducing congestion and bypassing bottlenecks.

How does the JetQuay terminal compare with the main Airport Terminals (T1, T2, T3 & T4)

We understand and respect the value of our clients’ time. That’s why we ensure they breeze through the otherwise time-consuming processes.  On average, clearing through customs at the main terminal would take 2 hours of your time or longer. However, clearing through customs at our CIP terminal would only take a measly 60 minutes. 

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