About Us

Our Vision

To be Asia’s leading choice for impeccable corporate transportation, embodying trust, dedication, and superior service in every journey.

Our Mission

To provide finely-tailored, seamless transport solutions for small to medium-sized corporate events, ensuring each ride not only meets but exceeds expectations, instilling confidence and peace of mind in every client we serve.

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Prime Aces Limousine (PAL) stands as your dependable partner for expertly managed transport solutions. Specializing in logistics for small to medium-sized corporate events—from board meetings to financial roadshows—we infuse each journey with dedication, precision, and finesse.

Managing an impressive fleet of over 50 top-tier business vehicles, PAL is the trusted ally for seamless corporate mobility in Singapore. Our services are designed to accommodate the dynamic needs of small to medium-sized gatherings, ensuring a smooth, efficient ride every time.

Our Core Values
Reliability: Count on us for punctual and consistent service.
Responsiveness: Swiftly addressing your queries and needs.
Reachability: Always reachable and ready to assist.
Accountability: We take responsibility for your satisfaction.
Dedication: Committed to exceptional service.
Seamlessness: Smooth and hassle-free transportation.
Professionalism: Upholding the highest standards in every interaction.

When you choose PAL, you opt for unshakable confidence and a worry-free experience. We transcend mere transportation to offer peace of mind, becoming an integral part of your event’s success. Make PAL your first choice for business transportation needs, trusting us to be the driving force behind your event’s triumph.

Reliable, Safe and On-time Every Time. Committed to imprint the Best first impression.

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Founder: Lim Zhi MIn

Photo was taken by ShootYou.

Behind the Scene

From Driving Uber 6 Days a Week to Running His Own Limousine Company in Singapore

The journey of an entrepreneur has its ups and downs, and Lim Zhi Min has travelled that road of passion and pain, literally. From a property agent to an Uber driver and now the founder of his own business, the timeline of his life serves as a testament to his grit, determination and tenacity.

Hustling life of a driver

After eight long years in the world of real estate, Zhi Min’s life took an unexpected turn when he decided to become an Uber driver. He drove 15 hours a day, six days a week, and worked to the point of a burnout.

Sensing a new business opportunity

That’s when he realised he should be working smart instead. To have a better payout, driving for a high-end clientele would be more lucrative. And where land transport services are concerned, nothing screams high-end quite like a limousine.

Doing a simple Google search, he found 10 to 20 pages of businesses advertising limousine services. A large supply meant an equally large demand, and that meant a business opportunity to take advantage of.

Taking a leap of faith

Ever the risk-taker, he emptied his life’s savings and bought a brand new car to start his limousine service company. It was a bold move, but he was eager to give this a try.

To survive financially in the initial stages, he borrowed $10k from his cousin as cash flow reserve. During the first few months of his foray into the trade, he literally only managed to break even. But he was undeterred and pushed on.

At the end of year one, he managed to pull in more than 100k of revenue. And in the second year, he broke the 200k mark. By that point, he knew that his young business had a real fighting chance, and that is essentially the humble beginnings of Prime Aces Limousine.

First Singapore, next the world

With time, his business – alongside his ambition – evolved. To scale and be successful, he understood that he needed to think outside of the box. He needed to look beyond Singapore; he needed to think global.

Putting ambition into action, he executed an effective and intelligent business strategy. He listed 100 of the top limousine companies in the world, and determinedly worked his way to acquire them.

For the next three years, he tirelessly emailed all of these companies, most of which were based in the States, UK, Spain, Italy and Germany. Because of the time zone difference, he would actually cold call them in the middle of the night if they didn’t reply to his email.

His hard work and perseverance eventually paid off, and he succeeded in acquiring them as clients. While most drivers still drive full-time even after 10 years in the industry, he managed to cut driving by 50%. The rest of the time, he’s busy prospecting and procuring new businesses.

Business with a Heart

Before COVID-19 hit, there was a point where Prime Aces Limousine was hitting about 100 to 200 bookings a month. That was primarily how the company not only survived, but became one of the strongest players in the industry.

But above and beyond just being a lucrative business, Zhi Min was very particular about creating a business with heart and integrity. He promised that all drivers who took up his job will be paid on time. This guarantee of punctual payment is now part of the company’s DNA.

After everything that’s been said and done, it’s no surprise that Prime Aces Limousine is rated highly on Tripadvisor. In fact, it’s one of the top 10 limousine service providers on the site. It also enjoys countless raving Google reviews from satisfied clients.

Since its inception in 2017, the company has remained true to its mission of being the best limousine service provider in Singapore, while still retaining its heart and moral values.



Counting our blessings and giving them back to the less privileged

Helping Put Food On The Table – Caring For Our Own

The past year has not been easy. The impact of COVID-19 on the Singapore economy has been – for the lack of a better word – significant. Many businesses are operating in constant uncertainty, while others, sadly, had to pull the plug completely.

According to the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the sectors which were hit the hardest “rely on international travel, including the air transport, accommodation and other tourism-related sectors”. At Prime Aces Limousine, we lost 90% of our revenue.

But through sheer faith and tenacity, we fought back and made it to the end of 2021. We managed to recover  90% of our business compared to the last financial year. It’s a blessing to be still standing. We can still bring in sales and put food on the table for our dedicated drivers

And as we usher in 2022, Prime Aces Limousine will celebrate its 4th anniversary. This would not be possible without your constant support and trust in our promise of providing the best limousine transportation service in Singapore.

As an expression of our appreciation and heartfelt gratitude, we have decided to pledge 1% of our revenue back to society every year. We understand that these unprecedented times are exceptionally hard, and we want to help as many people as possible to stay afloat.

Donation to Food from the Heart

In the words of Denzel Washington, “At the end of the day, it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished. It’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.”

Once again, we’d like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And we hope you stay safe, stay healthy – both physically and mentally – and continue fighting the good fight. We’ll all make it through by constantly being there for one another.

Yours Sincerely,

Lim Zhi Min
Prime Aces Limousine

Security & Confidentiality

Sit Back & Relax. Your Safety is our Paramount Concern

Security should not be compromise at the ease of Convenience. Our ongoing rigorous vetting process ensure that your professional chauffeurs are licence, background checked and fully insured. your driver’s details with name, photo, car model will be sent 24-hour before the services. You will also have instant access to real-time location tracking.

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On Time Every Time

We have our ON TIME EVERY TIME guarantee. If we are more than 5 mins late, your next ride is on us.

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Booking Flexibility

Your very own booking tool which is very intuitive and easy to use. Our Corporate Booking Portal allows a secure customised “Booking” experience, accessing and booking the best matched fleet vehicle for your ride. Instant access to availability and cost provides high levels of certainty and service. Our booking portal offers seamless booking integration that provides real-time feedback on the booking and status of the trip on the day.

Mobile App


Our Drivers use our mobile application which provide our passenger, our bookers , travel managers with driver’s name photo, vehicle type and real time GPS tracking.
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Meet & Greet Service

We offer complimentary Meet and Greet Services for all international Airport and cruise Terminal Arrivals.

Real Time GPS Tracking

Track your ride’s progress in real-time. You will receive Real-time alerts, status updates and delay notification from your mobile App.
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Professional Drivers

Our drivers are equipped with a minimum of two years in the industry experience and proven dependable driving track record.
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Fixed Rate

There are no hidden surprises with Prime Aces Limousine. Your affordable, all-inclusive rate covers all taxes, tolls, fees, and gratuities.