Airport/Cruise Terminal Pick-Up

We understand flights schedules are unpredictable, therefore we are here to help. We offer flight monitoring service for all our clients. Providing your flight information allows us to track your flight and help you avoid waiting time fees. You have the option to opt out of providing us with your flight information however you may incur unnecessary fees or be kept waiting if your plane arrives later or earlier than planned.

Grace Period

Domestic Flight/Cruise Terminal: 30 Minutes
International Flight: 60 Minutes
Non-Airport Pick-Up : 10 Minutes

Wait Time Fee

When the grace period has passed, we will contact you. If we don’t hear from you, your ride will be cancelled 60 minutes after the grace period has ended. You will be charged the wait time incurred plus all other applicable charges, with the exception of tip and tolls. If you need to extend the wait time, no problem—just give us a call.

Wait time fees

We understand your day doesn’t always go according to plan. That’s why we created a wait time policy with an industry-leading grace period. Your grace period is determined by your pick-up location and starts at your scheduled pick-up time. If your grace period finishes and you have not arrived, you’re charged $1/minute in wait time fees.

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