The Ultimate Guide to Legoland Malaysia Resort

Things to do in Legoland Malaysia Resort

Things to do in Legoland Malaysia Resort

Welcome to your ultimate adventure guide for Legoland Malaysia! If you’re scratching your head, wondering how to maximize your time and fun in this sprawling theme park, you’re in the right place. Yes, Legoland is a wonderland of thrilling rides and attractions that can seem daunting at first glance. Fear not, because we’re here to ensure you hit all the highlights and make the most of your visit.

In this guide, we’ll reveal the top 8 must-try attractions, ensuring you experience the best of what Legoland has to offer. But before we dive into the adrenaline-pumping part of your journey, let’s cover some essential tips to help you navigate the park with ease and catch as many rides as possible. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure where fun meets imagination, and every turn brings a new discovery!


General Info about Legoland

There are 3 different sections in Legoland.

Legoland Malaysia Resort Theme Park Water Park and Aquarium
The Main Theme Park Water Park SEA LIFE Aquarium


Operating Hours are from 10:00am to 6:00pm daily except for Wednesday.

Attractions Adult (per pax) Children (per pax)
1-Day Theme Park RM199 / SGD$59.04 RM169 / SGD$50.70
1-Day Water Park RM149 / SGD$44.50 RM129 / SGD$38.28
1-Day Sea Life RM89 / SGD$26.46 RM69 / SGD$20.50
1-Day Double Park RM279 / SGD$82.78 RM219 / SGD$64.98
1-Day Triple Park RM339 / SGD$100.80 RM279 / SGD$82.70


It’s useful to know that the Double-Park ticket refers to the Theme Park and Aquarium, not the Water Park. For the best value-for-money and maximum flexibility, just take the 1-Day Triple-Park ticket so you can be flexible to all conditions (rain and ride maintenance for example)

With that out of the way, next paragraph are our take on the top 8 attractions we highly recommend:


Top 8 Attractions we Highly Recommend

Lego virtual reality roller coaster THE GREAT LEGO RACE

1. THE GREAT LEGO RACE (Virtual Reality Roller Coaster)

This is the world’s first Lego virtual reality roller coaster, perfect for those who are afraid of roller coasters. Each car can fit 4 people, so it’s nice for small families. You’ll be given a VR headset each that takes you through a virtual reality Lego course while you feel the mild G-forces of the small roller coaster. It’s not that fast and quite gentle – plus nobody can see if you’re closing your eyes or not.


Background Mask Group 7

2. Lego Mindstorms

If you need a break from taking your kids on rides, this is where you send the kids. It’s a Lego robotics workshop where kids get to learn basic robot-building similar to Lego robotics programs run in schools in an entirely safe, air-conditioned environment. One of the best options around noon when the sun is a little too hot to bear outside.


Mask Group 9 Mask Group 10 1

3. Lost Kingdom Adventure

This is an interactive roller coaster where your family gets to treasure hunt in an ancient temple, off-road themed ride. Each car fits 4 people, and is equipped with laser blasters that can be used to shoot at objects to collect points. It’s the perfect game ride with a little competition for the family. Do note that kids between 80-120cm need to be accompanied by parents/a guardian, but kids above 120cm can ride alone if they want to.


Mask Group 12 Mask Group 11

4. Lego Ninjago – The Ride

This is the one of the key rides and attractions you don’t want to miss. It’s probably the top attraction in Legoland because it’s a unique 4D experience with moving seats, wind, and other special effects that immerse riders in the Ninjago world to dodge fireballs, lightning bolts and other things enemies toss at you while returning fire. This is the ride you want to queue at right when the park opens at 10.00AM.


Mask Group 15 Mask Group 14

5. Driving School

Your kids don’t need a driving license to drive these Lego block cars. The only two requirements for this ride are that your kids need to be between 6-12 years old, and their feet need to be able to reach the pedals. There is an instructor who will take them through a safety briefing and test drive around the course – which is a great way to build confidence while having fun driving in a safe environment.


Mask Group 16 Mask Group 13

6. Dragon’s Apprentice

If your kids enjoy the thrill of a fairly fast roller coaster ride – this is the one to take them to. It’s a mini roller-coaster with all the twists, turns and spirals you’d expect when taking a roller coaster – except it’s through a nicely designed Kingdom Castle with Lego characters the kids might recognize. We’d recommend the parent that’s less afraid of roller coasters to take the kids on this one – and don’t eat too much before getting on


Mask Group 19 Mask Group 18

7. Tidal Tube

We can’t talk about their water park’s rides and attractions without talking about this one. It’s a 240-feet high enclosed tunnel (yes, very safe) with lots of twists and turns that your kids are guaranteed to laugh through as they bump around on a tube. It goes pretty fast and the on-site ride supervisor will teach kids the right posture to maintain going through the ride. The best thrill in the water park for sure!


Mask Group 17 Mask Group 20

8. Joker Soaker

If you want your kids to socialise and play with others – this is the perfect place in the water park for that. It’s a water-based playground with plenty of slides and interactive play features like super soakers fitted throughout the playground. There’s also a 300-gallon bucket that pours in intervals, which makes for some excellent photo opportunities. Parents can just lay in the shade and sip on a cool drink with a camera ready, or join in the fun with your kids!

How to get to Legoland
Where to Stay in Legoland Malaysia Resort
Where to eat near legoland malaysia

What Kind of Food Do They Have in Legoland?

The family is bound to get hungry running around all day, so it’s good to know what food options are there in case you have a picky-eater in the family. There are food carts and cafes/restaurants all over so you won’t need to worry about starving.

Let’s just manage your expectations first – it’s underwhelming, overpriced food made for the captive audience in the park – like any other theme park. Some aren’t bad, but don’t expect anything fantastic.

That being said, these places have pretty decent food for the price:

Gardens by the Bay

Market Restaurant, source: Pinterest

1. Market Restaurant

Here, you can find both Asian and Western cuisines like roast chicken, chicken rendang, salads, fruit cups, rice dishes and pastas. It’s useful to note that you can tell them if you have special dietary needs like lactose intolerance, gluten-free and such to see which options would be suitable for your tummy.

Gardens by the Bay

King’s Grill entrance, source: 

2. King’s Grill

It’s a grill restaurant/steakhouse (if you can call it that) that serves things like grilled chicken, sausages, mashed potatoes, ice cream and hot waffles. It’s more suitable for kids who must avoid spicy food and minimal risk of having a tummy upset while getting some good protein in their diet.

Gardens by the Bay

Pizza Mania shopfront, source: Foursquare

3. Pizza Mania

Which kid doesn’t like pizza? It’s the best, relaxed option if you don’t want to worry about what your kid might want to eat. They also have salads, soups, pastas and desserts as well to choose from. They have vegetarian-friendly options that you can request

Do They Sell Lego in Legoland?

Yes, lots and lots of Lego.

In fact, you could check out what they sell online here

Besides the myriad of Lego sets they sell for various ages, they also sell:

  • Lego stationery
  • Lego T-shirts
  • Lego Art (puzzles)
  • Lego backpacks
  • Lego keychains
  • Lego costumes (perfect for Halloween and parties!)
Souvenirs Shop in Legoland Malaysia

Lots of souvenirs like plush toys, swimwear, and more, source: Legoland Malaysia

Souvenirs Shop in Legoland Malaysia Resort

Half of all the Star Wars x Lego models found in Legoland Malaysia, source: Brickfinder

Anything you could practically think of when it comes to Lego – they’d probably have it. They also carry limited-edition collaboration models with pop culture brands like Star Wars, Marvel, Super Mario and more.

Definitely worth spending some time in the shop to pick out your souvenirs. If you’re a Lego collector, prepare an empty bag to carry your haul home in.

To check if they have certain items you’re looking for in stock, you’d best contact them via email at [email protected] or call +6075978888.

Pro-Tips from a Seasoned Legoland Goer

Just in case you missed some of the key tips we’ve dropped throughout this article, here are some golden nuggets for you to take note of when planning your trip to Legoland:

1. Kids under the age of 3 enter all rides for free.

2. If you purchase the combo tickets, you have the option to exit the park for food and return later. You can’t exit the park and re-enter if you have purchased a ticket for just one park (Theme Park OR Water Park or Sea Life).

3. Try all the outdoor attractions while the sun is out. If it’s raining, they may close the Water Park or you might have to queue while being pelted by rain.

4. Avoid peak periods. The best times to go are off-peak (non-holiday periods) where you get to enjoy shorter queues and better prices all-around.

5. Arrive early. There can be a line to get in, even at 10.00AM. Come around 9.30AM to be safe and who knows, sometimes you can enter the park early and be the first in queue!

6. Book tickets in advance. Hotels and Legoland tickets can be cheaper if you book them a month ahead of time. Planning early pays off!

Artboard 1 copy 3

7. Download the park map. Especially if you have older kids that tend to speed off to different locations, it’s good to keep a digital copy of the map so you can navigate your way around and plan your route for the day early.

8. Bring water. There are water coolers and bottled water you could buy, but the former can be unhygienic and unreliable and the latter can be expensive. Always pack water with you.

9. Do the outdoor stuff first. Most attractions take about 10-25 minutes to complete, so you could crush 3 attractions by 11.00AM if you hurry. That way if the weather changes, you’ll have tried the best rides already.

10. Reserve the playgrounds and indoor activities as breaks. The Planet Legoland and Lego Mindstorms are great spaces where kids can spend some time in one place and learn. Good idea to cool off from the heat and from running around.

11. Check the maintenance schedules. You can check their ride maintenance schedules here or their Facebook page to avoid going during times where your favourite attractions may not even be open.

12. Keep souvenir shopping to the end. The last thing you want to do is lug around 12 Lego sets around the park and worry about them being lost, stolen or damaged. Shop right at the end of your visit.

13. Bring a dry bag. A waterproof bag would be a good choice to keep the wet swimwear if you visit the water park just to avoid the rest of your belongings being wet, or soaking in your car carpets.

14. Waterproof waist pouches or fanny packs. Absolute game changes for parents going around with their kids in the water park. Makes it easy to keep electronic items like phones, watches and such safe.

15. Wear sunscreen. Wear sunscreen before the fun begins. That way, when the weather gets really hot, you can prevent your kids from getting sunburn. Don’t forget to apply some on yourself too!

16. Wear swimwear under your clothes. The best route is to cover the theme park, then water park (it’s just less messy, logistically speaking). Have your kids wear their swimwear underneath their clothes so they can change quickly when it’s time for the water park!

happy sisters in pal services

17. The last tip we have for you – book a private car for your journey if you truly want a hassle-free holiday.

  • You won’t have to deal with traffic at all.
  • You will have boot space to store all your shopping if you don’t want to go to and fro your hotel.
  • Your family will enjoy more privacy, and have the safety to nap between places.
  • Your dedicated driver will know all the routes, so you will never get lost or worry about how to navigate your way around.
  • You’ll have WiFi and on-board phone chargers, so you’ll never worry about not having reception while travelling or your phone running out of battery.
Seamless Transportation to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore

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