Top 5 Luxury Five-Star Hotels in Singapore to spend your Staycation

Discover The Top Luxury Hotels in Singapore

Singapore’s hospitality industry is thriving

The jewel at Singapore Changi Airport

The jewel at Singapore Changi Airport

It has a tasteful blend of unique mixed cultures, heritage, rich history, and iconic, world-class infrastructure and social amenities. Amongst its bustling business district and mainstream tourism attractions lies a wide array of bespoke lush hotels ideally crafted to provide the best services to visitors. As you seek to have the best staycation in Singapore, it is only fitting that you get the best experiences from the best hotels in Singapore.

The Garden By The Bay | Super Tree

The Garden By The Bay | Super Tree

We’ve all been through very tumultuous times recently. The Covid-19 pandemic altered our lifestyles, presenting a breadth of challenges in the way we conduct ourselves. However, amongst that pain and displeasure is a diamond in the rough. The pandemic presented us with the ability to work from home. Since a single redundant atmosphere may take a toll on your productivity, what better way to optimize your work from home perk than through a luxe, refreshing, adventurous, thrilling, and resourceful staycation in Singapore?

Let’s indulge your to-be fondest memories with our most luxurious hotels in Singapore gold list.

  1. The Capitol Kempinski Hotel in Singapore
  2. Shangri-La Hotel Singapore
  3. The St. Regis Singapore
  4. Marina Bay Sands
  5. The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore

A unique blend of vintage and modern, the Capital Kempinski hotel will allow you to live in the 1930s ambiance today. This 155 room hotel, located in the heart of the Civic and Cultural District, boasts of proximity to Singapore’s top tourist attractions such as Marina Bay Sands, the National Museum, and Iconic Merlion Park. The hotel has an array of rooms, such as the classic room, deluxe, Heritage room, Grand deluxe, and heritage, each with different luxurious amenities. The hotel’s plush finishings and unique, elegant fittings configuration capture all the luxury details while exuding a residential ambiance and providing for a relaxing experience. Its unique grand neoclassical and renaissance architectural styles provide for a great sense of gastronomic adventure as you roam its beautiful alleys and massive lobby.

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Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

Shangri-La hotel is a haven of peace and tranquility. It is found a short drive away from the vibrant Orchard road at Orange Grove road. The Hotel, built on a 15 acre land with a serene green landscape, has 792 guestrooms and executive suites set across the three distinct hotel wings; contemporary tower wing, tranquil garden wing, luxurious valley wing. The hotel design features several open gardens, dedicated indoor and outdoor facilities, and about 11 diverse dining concepts modeled for an unparalleled culinary experience.
Shangri-La’s expansive rooms are modeled with nature-inspired interiors to offer the best environment for travelers to unwind. The comfort and relaxation provided have made it a destination spot for many political dignitaries and celebrities.

The St. Regis Singapore

Enjoy a captivating, palatial stay at the St. Regis, characteristic of its global brand. This hotel is characterized by exquisite luxury and opulence. It features quintessential amenities to provide the highest grade of luxurious service. Set on an intersection between the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Botanic Gardens, and the Prime District of Orchard of the embassy district, it provides its clientele an exclusive benefit of all. The rooms have a panoramic view of the garden, a picturesque view of the city, and an amazing butler service allowing guests to immerse themselves in its tranquility. You would also partake in exquisite experiential dining. The hotel also houses some of Asia’s finest art along its robust, magnificent walls and rooms. The St. Regis Singapore is a home of timeless elegance.

Marina Bay Sands

This hotel exudes exquisite luxury with a modern taste. Its features and services are extremely attractive to people looking for an experience of a lifetime. The hotel, comprising 3 cascading hotel towers, is an architectural marvel. Its most distinct feature is the plush experience of its 57th floor. There, the hotel has an infinity pool overlooking the cosmopolitan city.

Experience Infinity

The unique service, marvelous luxurious fittings, unique architecture characterized by floor-to-ceiling modern glass paneling make it a tourism hotspot in the city-State. Its expansive hotel rooms with separate balconies allow you the feeling of wine and dining above a glittering city.

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

We can tell that this hotel was renovated from a Building housing a part of Singapore’s history from its neoclassical name. It is located at Collyer Quay in Singapore. The hotel, preserved in its pristine form, offers a classic experience to its visitors while paying tribute to a past era. The opulent rooms have a residential ambiance with stellar finishings and fittings. While the hotel preserves most of its older self, it still offers modern facilities and amenities like a stunning pool with a panoramic view of the city’s skyline. The hotel promises a grande memorable, and thrilling experience bound to stay with you through your life.

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