The Number 1 Fast Track Service in Singapore

written by Lim Zhi Min
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Fast Track Immigration Clearance at Singapore Changi Airport

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Redefine your Travel Experiences at Singapore Airport.

Travel restrictions and quarantine measures imposed by various countries have managed to slow the spread of the Covid-19. The Pandemic, however, impacted people and businesses. It reshaped consumer behaviour, the expectations of service, and our overall ways of life. It has also overhauled long-standing industry practices and processes in hospitality, tourism, and travel and created more focus on safety as a unique selling point.

On-Arrival Test (OAT)

However, despite the limitations on movement, spending too much time grounded at home has only intensified the desire to travel. This is especially true for business executives who need to travel for work. As they often have to travel across different countries and on tight schedules, it is essential that their travel be safe, seamless and timely. A key component of their travel experience is the airport. To address the safety challenges resulting from Covid-19, Singapore Changi Airport introduced a mandatory On-Arrival Test (OAT) requirement for all travellers entering Singapore.

Travelling to Singapore

IATA Travel Pass

IATA Travel Pass APP

Even with the small number of people travelling to Singapore plus the benefits accrued from using the IATA Travel Pass, mandatory testing has increased the airport’s average waiting time to more than 100 minutes. The long duration at the airport is bound to cause frustration for business travellers as their activities are time-sensitive.

Hence,how can I Fast Track my Immigration Clearance at the Singapore Changi Airport?

The answer is Simple.

Fast Track Service

Use Prime Ace Limousine’s (PAL) personalized VIP Meet & Greet Service for a VIP experience at the airport and after. How would you feel about having to relax in a chill, pristine environment while your airport needs are attended to?

The VIP Meet and Greet experience is precisely that. Cognizant and respectful of the travellers’ unique needs and challenges brought by conventional airport protocol, Prime Ace Limousine partnered with Jet Quay — the elite Airport terminal at Singapore’s Changi Airport — to offer exclusive services to their clients.

Access to Private Terminal VIP Lounge

The access to the private terminal VIP lounge is only reserved for only those with first-class travellers?

Not any more.

The VIP Meet and Greet experience allows clients to access Jet Quay’s luxurious lounge, where they can relax as Jet Quay’s professional team moves their luggage from the main terminal to a waiting limousine.

Meet & Greet at the Aerobridge exit

Reduce Wait Time by 50%

There, with the help of Jet Quay’s guest relations officer, you will quickly fast track passport clearing through inhouse immigration, saving over 50%of the average time taken to clear at the main terminals. The Meet and Greet service provides extra safety, privacy, and exclusivity as you undergo the compulsory on arrival medical test and covid swab test.

Later, the PAL’s limousine service will take you to your desired destination in no time. Through the immense value it provides, the Premium Meet and Greet Service has earned its reputation as the Number #1 Service for Fast Tracking Airport Immigration Clearance.


Conclusion paragraph: You’ve just arrived at Singapore Changi Airport for a vacation or business trip and are ready to get on with your itinerary. With Prime Aces Limousine VIP meet and greet service, you can enjoy Fast Track Immigration Clearance as well as be escorted through the airport quickly and effortlessly. This is an exclusive service that makes travel more enjoyable while also saving time waiting in queues! Book now to take advantage of our special introductory rates this month only!

Complimentary Limousine Transfer when book a Executive Health Screening Package with Prime Aces Limousine