Maximize Space: Discover How Many Luggage Can Fit Into a Toyota Alphard

How Many Luggage Can fit into a Toyota Alphard

How many luggage can fit into a toyota alphard

The Toyota Alphard is a luxurious ride that delivers the finest comfort and convenience. Impeccably refined inside and out, this first-class vehicle has a quiet, impressively efficient performance with comprehensive safety features to take you anywhere your heart desires. With an elegant cabin experience like no other, discover what it means to travel further without compromising luxury or quality.

All the quality makes the Toyota Alphard the perfect vehicle for airport transfers.

The Toyota Alphard is the most popular business minivan in Singapore. It is perfect for travelling with a large group of people. Not only does it have plenty of space inside, but it can also hold a lot of luggage. In this article, we will talk about how much luggage can fit inside a Toyota Alphard. We will also show you a video demonstrating how many pieces of luggage can fit in the car!

Toyota Alphard Specification

Max Seating Capacity x 6 Pax
Best Luxury Seating Capacity x 4 Pax
Luggage Guide
For 2 Pax 11x (3x Large, 5x Medium, 3x Small)
For 3 Pax 9x (1x Large, 6x Medium, 2x Small)
For 5 Pax 6x (1x Large, 4x Medium, 1x Small)
Body Size 4945mm x 1850mm. x1935mm
Engine 2500cc


How Many Luggage Can Fit into a Toyota Alphard?

  1. Number of passengers Toyota Alphard can fit
  2. How big is Toyota Alphard Trunk Space
  3. Type of Luggage and Size
  4. Type of passenger seating configration


Unbox the Myth

Let’s “unbox” the myth about the number of people and suitcases we can fit into a Toyota Alphard. The Toyota Alphard is the most popular business van in our fleet and has the largest boot space.

Infographic - How many luggage can fit into a toyota Alphard
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What’s the maximum number of people a Toyota Alphard can hold?

The maximum seating capacity is six (06) passenger.

It is recommended to have four (04) passengers for the most comfortable seating.

Toyota Alphard Trunk Space

To find out how much luggage can fit into a Toyota Alphard, we need to know the dimensions of the luggage. The various types of luggage and their sizes.

The Luggage Sizes
How do you describe the measurement of luggage?

The easiest way to describe luggage size is by using three measurements: length, width and height (usually linear inches). These are described as follows:

Length (L) x Width (W) x Height (H)

Length (L)= The longest side or dimension of your bag.

Width (W)= The middle size between height and width.

Height (H)= The shortest side or dimension of your bag.

Different suitcases brands have varying sizes and range anywhere between 20 inches and 30 inches.


Luggage Dimension Guide

Types of luggage

Checked-in also known as hand luggage or cabin luggage (19 to 22 inches)
Their compact size and easy handling allow them to be carried on board a train, plane, or automobile. The bags are designed for short trips, serving as overnight bags with enough room for one or two sets of clothes, toiletries, medications, and other personal items.

Medium (23 to 26 inches)
They are perfect for short trips up to a week long. When travelling, these bags need to be checked in.

Large (27 to 30 inches)
They are ideal for long trips, and they also need to be checked in.


There are many suitcase sizes models available on the market, so it is important to check the airline’s luggage policy and baggage weight allowance. Please visit the airline website for the latest information about luggage policy and weight allowance.

Passenger Seating Configuration

For 1 or 2 passenger
We can load 3x large-sized suitcase (30inches), 5 medium-sized suitcase (26inches) and 3 small-sized suitcase (22inches).

Alternatively, we can 5x large-sized suitcase (30inches), 3 medium-sized suitcase (26inches) and 3x small-sized suitcase (22inches)

For 3 passenger
We can load 1x large-size suitcase (30inches), 6x medium-sized suitcase (26inches) and 2 small-size suitcase (22inches).

Alternatively, we can 3x large-size suitcase (30inches), 3x medium-sized suitcase (26inches) and 3x small-sized suitcase (22inches)

For 4 or 5 passenger
We can load 1x large-size suitcase (30inches), 4x medium-sized suitcase (26inches) and 1x small-size suitcase (22inches).

Alternatively, we can 3x large-size suitcase (30inches), 1x medium-sized suitcase (26inches) and 1 small suitcase (22inches)

Note: Disclaimer. Luggage comes in many shapes and sizes. The video and description above show examples of how many bags can be loaded into a car. In reality, the amount of luggage that can fit in a vehicle depends on its shape and size.

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Engage PAL for your Airport Transfer using Toyota Alphard

As you can see, the Toyota Alphard can hold a lot of luggage! You don’t have to worry about whether or not all your luggage will fit in the car. The van has plenty of space for everyone and their belongings. In addition, the ample boot space makes it easy to transport everything you need for your trip.

Contact us today if you need a Airport transfer service in Singapore! You will love the comfort and luxury of our Toyota Alphard.

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