Antigen Rapid Test: COVID-19 Prevention for Limousine Services

Antigen Rapid Test: COVID-19 Prevention for Limousine Services

Antigen Rapid Test: COVID-19 Prevention for Limousine Services

25th February 2021

SINGAPORE – In response to the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Prime Aces Limousine has implemented elevated protocols to deliver the highest levels of cleanliness and service. One of these, and perhaps the most notable, is providing the Ministry of Health (MOH) approved Antigen Rapid Test as an added option to test designated drivers for the coronavirus.

Allow us to share more about Antigen Rapid Test and how it aligns with us prioritizing the safety of our customers.

How the Antigen Rapid Test works

The Antigen Rapid Test is a type of diagnostic test that looks for proteins on the virus surface and measures viral antigens, which are substances that tell our bodies to produce an immune response to an infection. The presence of antibodies indicates that a person was infected with the COVID-19 virus, irrespective of the severity and even asymptomatic infection. The process involves a nasal swab from the lower part of the nose.

It delivers at least 80% sensitivity and 97% specificity, both of which meets the World Health Organizations’ recommendations. What this means is that the Antigen Rapid Test can pick up at least 80% of individuals who are infected with COVID-19 and will show a result of only 3% false positives in healthy individuals.

How the Antigen Rapid Test differs from the PCR test

Antigen Rapid Tests look for proteins on the virus surface, are cheaper and can yield fairly accurate results. The most crucial trait is that results can be obtained very quickly, making it highly feasible for pre-event testing.

PCR tests detect the presence of viral genetic material in a sample. Swabs are taken from the back of the nose or throat and while more accurate than the Antigen Rapid Test, the process can take up to two days. This makes it unfeasible for pre-event testing. It is also costly, requires trained personnel and specialised equipment to administer.

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When and how are results delivered

The Antigen Rapid Test kit typically concludes as quickly at 15 mins or up to 30 mins. Upon receiving a negative result, a certificate will be sent via email. The certification is typically valid for 24 hours and should cover the entire duration of the customer’s event.

The medical group behind Antigen Rapid Tests

Prime Aces Limousine is working with Minmed Group, a multifaceted healthcare group that focuses on health screening, health promotion and education, primary healthcare and diagnostic imaging. This strategic partnership enables us to mitigate risk and protect the health and safety of our partners and customers.

Additional measures

During these unprecedented times, the health and safety of our customers remains of paramount importance. Aside from the Antigen Rapid Test, additional measures include having our drivers undergo special training to deliver new safety standards, equipping all vehicles with hand sanitizer, disinfecting our vehicles after each and every ride and daily temperature checks and monitoring.

Please stay safe and remember that you are free to request for an Antigen Rapid Test for your designated driver. We look forward to providing you with a peace of mind through our safe and clean fleet of executive limousine vehicles.

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