6 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Singapore (2021)

Discover The Top Tourist Attraction in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore Aerial View

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore Aerial View

Here’s a question cruising quietly inside your mind. If you could travel to any country in the world, Where would you go?

We live in a highly technological world where the internet connects and shows us most of what the world offers. In a sense, some people have begun feeling like they already know and, therefore, do not need to experience it. However, for some, like you and me, an image showing the iconic, picturesque Marina Bay Sands only ignites our deepest adventurous spirits and nudges us more towards that travel bag.

‘In a world of exquisite beauty, wonder, and marvel, only the travelers truly live.’ 

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore Infinity Pool

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore Infinity Pool

Would you believe me if I told you that this is on the 57th floor of a building?

This iconic building in Singapore.

We have a thirst for adventure, a need to enjoy the thrill and release of the moment, and experience peace and enlightenment through exposure that we seek to satisfy. 

At least, that is my driving force and the thought process for the question.

An internet search was my first step to finding the answer to that subconscious question.

About the Country

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Singapore is a bustling economic and tourism center in Asia. It is primarily renowned for its glitz and glamour in terms of high-end luxury malls and hotels. The 2018 film, Crazy Rich Asians, Adapted from Kevin Kwan’s novel, immensely contributed to the perception of Singapore as a rich man’s playroom. However, the country is way more than that.

Singapore has a rich historical background that informs the level of ethnic diversity in the country. The nation is visitor-friendly, with English as a common language and an easy-to-use rapid transit system that would provide you access to most of the city-state’s mainstream tourist areas and central business district. However, for a more privatized, safe, comfortable, exclusive, and luxurious commute within, you could use a private executive means of ground transportation like Prime Aces Limousine

The country boasts of having one of the busiest Airports in all of Asia: Changi International Airport. Singapore is highly conscious of preserving its history and culture. Rather than destroying and rebuilding, they often repurpose heritage facilities and couple them with quintessential modern utilities to make it the perfect destination. The overall result is a unique blend of in availability of both diverse, iconic gastronomic and family-friendly attractions that will make your trip to the country extremely memorable.

Thinking of Attractions?

Here are the 6 top-rated tourist attractions in Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore Main Entrance

Universal Studios Singapore Main Entrance

Shrek – The green-friendly ogre that made us laugh ( and maybe cry a little, don’t judge) was a sensation. So were the penguins of Madagascar, Puss in Boots, Despicable Me, and revenge of the mummy. What if I told you you could visit the studios that made these great films?

Universal Studios Singapore would be the perfect destination for people seeking to experience the thrill of their childhood heroes, something that would explain its position on our top-rated destinations list. The Studio, currently occupying a 49-acre land on Resorts World Sentosa, has been thematically organized to pay tribute to the studio’s greatest successes in film and different locations globally.

Here, people can engage in various thrilling experiences like riding themed rollercoasters and indoor coasters as they accommodate a diverse age group. You could also enjoy live shows at the studio, performed both day and night. As you grow weary from a ton of activities, you could settle down for a pleasant culinary experience at their dining areas or go shopping.

Gardens by the Bay

Night View of Singapore Gardens by the Bay

Night View of Singapore Gardens by the Bay

A vibrant, thriving city garden bound to captivate and smitten you. The gardens by the bay are an elegantly designed greenspace, breathing fresh air and inspiration to the world around. This green space features various gardens beaming with plant life. For instance, the Bay East Garden.

Here, at the Supertree Grove, you will find sustainable, environmentally conscious futuristic buildings whose designs would leave you in awe. The buildings have been carefully spaced and placed such that the plants around can thrive. Their spacing provides a breathtaking view from the top of the Marina Bay Sands.

Singapore houses the world’s tallest indoor waterfall at the Cloud Forest Dome. Observe a Guinness world record feature and expand your knowledge regarding the need for environmental sustainability, the need for protecting biodiversity, and actionable steps towards making that a reality. Who says you can’t learn on vacation? The earth is our home, and protecting it is our business.

singapore zoo

Singapore Zoo with Ah Meng

Singapore Zoo with Ah Meng

Watching animals is almost like therapy. It is calming to watch how they go about their business, even more so when the animals are well treated and cared for as they are at the Singapore Zoo. Conscious of the animals’ distinct needs, here, wild animals are provided with environments that resemble their home environment to make them more comfortable. Diversity in animal types at the Singapore Zoo makes it a great attraction for tourists.

Tourists in Singapore can observe the mother Orangutans swing on trees searching for fruits as the babies follow closely behind. You could also watch the chimpanzees groom, share in the White Tigers majesty and stare at the Komodo dragons. Other animals found at this zoo include kangaroos, meerkats, and Zebras.

Humans have varied tastes, and the Zoo may not be thrilling enough for some. If that is you, then set on the Night and River Safaris to get closer to the animals in the wild.


Chinatown Singapore Food Street Logo

Chinatown Singapore Food Street Logo

Speak of an inclusive country. Chinatown, a heritage town, pays tribute to the Chinese’ overall role in building Singapore. While some countries choose to hide their history, Singapore embraces it. Chinatown allows the Chinese in the country to reconnect with their home due to its remarkable resemblance. It also allows us, you and I, the travelers, to experience an array of cultures within one geographic location.

The area features Chinese architecture, shops, food, and practices. You could practically see bright red lanterns hanging on ceilings. The iconic heritage centers you should purpose to visit are the Chinese Heritage Center, the Sri Mariamman, and Buddha Tooth relic temple. While it pays tribute to an older era, the region integrates some features of a modern progressive neighborhood. Experience a new way of life.

Night View of Singapore Clark Quay

Night View of Singapore Clark Quay

Finally, a feature for the thrill-seekers amongst us. The Clarke Quay features an assortment of hotels, restaurants where you can enjoy a waterfront wine and dine. At Clarke Quay, you also get a comprehensive view of some iconic landmarks such as the Merlion and historic bridges. 

These are only a tip of Singapore’s mainstream attractions. While there, enlist the services of a premium transportation providerto facilitate your movement experiences to various attractions. Unlock the limitless experience of the Singapore tourist attractions.

Visiting Singapore

Marina Bay Sands

Aerial View of Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool

Aerial View of Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool

While we already offered a snippet of this in the introduction, it is worth mentioning that Marina Bay Sands is a top-rated destination in Singapore. This executive luxury hotel has one-of-a-kind amenities bound to elevate your experience in the country. Firstly, it is an architectural marvel featuring three cascading towers and an infinity duplex at the top. The hotel has an infinity pool at the top. Second, the building also features other attractions such as the ArtScience Museum, where you can take in a view of some of Asia’s finest art and an observation deck offering you an all-around panoramic view of the city. The luxury and opulence of the Marina Bay Sands is bound to edge itself on your mind forever.

Clarke Quay

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