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Limousine Service For School Transportation

The Wake-Up Call Parent Wants

Are you worried about your kids taking public school bus service to and from school? Are you worried that they’ll end up waking up extra early because of long detours on their way to get there?

You’re not alone.

Many parents are starting to consider alternatives for getting their children into schools.

Table of Content

  1. Singapore Transportation is world Class
  2. Public Transportation Vs Private Transportation for school car service
  3. School Pick up Drop off Service by Prime Aces Limousine
  4. The benefits of School Pick up drop off Service
  5. The disadvantage of School Pick up drop off Service
  6. Delivery by Private Limousine Company
  7. The cost of a school Pick up and Drop off Service
  8. The types of Vehicles are used for School Pick up Service

Singapore’s transport system is unquestionably one of the most convenient there.

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Singapore parents often struggle to bring their kids to school early. Safety has always been the primary aim in Singapore. Below are some of the options parents have when it comes to school transportation in Singapore.

1. Public transportation
Singapore is a perfect place for your kids to take public transport alone. This trial period is a good idea before a young person begins the journey by himself. Give them a phone number to keep in touch in case of a few accidents. Many local children take public transport between the ages of 10 or 11.

2. Public school buses
The school bus payment must be paid throughout the year (although buses do not run during the March, June, September and December holidays). Even during the school holiday season, the school bus fee still applies.

The school bus fees depend on how far your home is away from the school. Local schools often have their school buses to pick up your kids in the early morning and drop them off after school. You will have to make your transportation arrangements for days when your child does an afterschool event.

3. Carpooling Apps
Some apps offer to carpool for kids. For example, RydeSchool matches kids of different age ranges with parents who drive in the school.

PickShuttle, Schoolber or RydeSchool are among the services for carpooling or pool. It does not charge for the months you don’t utilise the service for the whole year. Carpools for school buses and schools are also excellent ways to prevent paying 12-month bus fees.

4. Private Transport Service
School Private Transport Service offer the ultimate convenience, ensuring that the child does not have to share the vehicle with other children or fear getting lost during high traffic hours. It’s essential to keep in mind that school limousine services provide a safe journey for your children every day and offer carefree travel as it will pick them up from home and drop them off at school or vice versa any hassle.

The main disadvantage is that they are relatively costly options.

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Public Transportation vs Private Limousine Service

Public school transportation services
    1. Strict time schedules. It will also mean your child will have to wake up earlier and get back later. And there is no control over pick up timing and drop off time.
    2. Lack of privacy. The vehicle is share with many other students
    3. Longer travel time on the road. As there are other children on board, reaching home is much longer than a direct school to home journey. Likewise, it also means waking up earlier to go to school.

      Daily Pick up and Drop off Car Service To and From Your Destination

      1. Private and Exclusive.
      2. Total Privacy. There is no sharing of vehicles with others.
      3. Full Control Over timing. The parents determine the Scheduled timing.
      4. Shorter travel time on the road. There will be No Detour. Straight from home to school verse
      5. Service Reliability. Limousine companies offer on-time guarantees and service replacement guarantees.
      6. Replacement guarantee
      7. Security Check
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      School Pick Up Drop Off Service by Prime Aces Limousine

      Parents in Singapore are always looking for ways to make life easier and more convenient for their children. One way is by investing in private school limousine services.

      Singapore’s affluent parents are increasingly using private school limousine services. With a school car service, parents can feel safe knowing that their children are in good hands. 

      No more waking up early or worrying about getting to school.

      1. What are the benefits of engaging a school pick up and drop off service in Singapore?
      1. School pick up and drop off services provide parents with a convenient way to transport their children from school to home.
      2. Parents who use these services also have the opportunity to work or take care of other responsibilities while they wait for their child’s arrival
      3. These services offer flexibility in terms of time, location, and frequency- you can choose when your child is picked up and dropped off at any point during the day
      4. Privacy is guaranteed. It is a private service. As this is an exclusive service, there will be no sharing of vehicles with other students when picking up or dropping off your child from school
      5. This is a personalized service, so you can choose when the pick up or drop off of your child will occur.
      6. Less time on the Road: There will be less time spent travelling on the road because you will have no detours to deal with, which is typically encountered when taking public school bus transportation.
      7. It saves parents a lot of time and effort as they do not have to wait for their children at home, or schedule a ride across town
      8. They allow kids to spend more time doing other things like playing with friends before going home, instead of worrying about how they’re getting there. This is especially helpful if your child takes the bus to school by themselves and you don’t want them starting out alone too early without adult supervision.
      2. What is the disadvantage?

      The rates for this service are typically a lot higher than public transportation but it may be worth it if you need someone else to handle the driving part of things!

      3. Who Deliver these services?

      Typically these types of services are considered premium transportation. They are normally offered by Limousine companies.

      Prime Aces Limousine provide school pick-up and drop-off services for students of all ages, primary schools, secondary schools, junior colleges, and even universities. In addition, they offer service guarantees such as an on-time guarantee and vehicle replacements.

      What is an On-Time Guarantee? Prime Aces Limousine guarantees that the driver will arrive on time for the scheduled pickup. Even if the driver is late by five minutes, you will still get a complimentary ride.

      What is a vehicle replacement guarantee? If a vehicle breaks down or is not able to serve the booking, Prime Aces Limousine will immediately find a replacement vehicle.

      They are committed to providing their customers with the best school pick-up and drop-off services in Singapore.

      4. What is the cost of a school Pick up and Drop off Service?

      The rates for this service are typically a lot higher than public transportation. The cost of each trip starts from $75 for Toyota Alphard. Midnight surcharges applies for pick up between 2300 hours to 0700 hours.

      The rates are fixed. There will be no surcharges. There will be no surprises. The rate is known when you book.

      5. What types of Vehicles are used for School Pick up Service?

      We have various types of vehicles available for your consideration. Typically most parents will choose the most luxurious and spacious; Toyota Alphard.

      We also have Mercedes E-Class and Mercedes S-Class available parents to choose from.

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      testimonial quote
      SHN Pick-up I have booked a SHN airport pick-up for my boss.
      This is my first time using Prime Aces.
      Excellent service. Quick response from the booking team on my enquiries.
      Thumbs up to the driver - Mr Bob Chew.
      He responded quickly to my text messages and took extra effort to update me after he has picked up my traveller.
      Appreciate and Good Job!!!!
      - 12/11/21
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      Shirley Ho Avatar
      Shirley Ho
      testimonial quote
      We have Prime Aces Limousine to handle our transfers when we were in Singapore. They are punctual, always on time and sometimes arrived earlier then the guests. They are very professional especially when handling very high profile personal. They provided us clean vehicles, polite and friendly drivers with a reasonable price. We will definitely choose this company again in the near future. - 23/04/21
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      Cherie Lim Avatar
      Cherie Lim
      testimonial quote
      Professional, proper & patient - Highly recommend ???? My company and the 6 influencers had an excellent service provided by Prime Aces Limousine! Working with the team was seamless & efficient. The vehicle was speckless and pristine. Wish to give a high recommendation for the driver, Mr Sercin, as he was extremely patient (despite our changes in schedule even last-minute), understanding, professional, a great attitude and cheerful. He also was not late even once. Will definitely hope to work with this company again in the near-future 🙂 - 21/03/21
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      Erny Chen Avatar
      Erny Chen
      testimonial quote
      Being professional in delivering service in this line is greatly expected and Prime Aces did just that. Punctual and always keeping the priority a priority, making daily plan smooth and well. Thank you for providing more than just service, but a peace of mind. Thanks Lawrence for the arrangement and Mr Goh Boon Hong for your service. - 09/03/21
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      Chris foodandcrits Avatar
      Chris foodandcrits
      testimonial quote
      I have been working with this company for a few years, while they are not the cheapest option i find in singapore, they provide very professional service and has a very high standard. Prime Aces is always our first choice when we have service need there. - 04/02/21
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      We have been using Prime Aces Limousine for our daughter school transportation since Nov 2019. 100 per cent reliability. When our assigned driver is sick, they send a replacement driver.

      When the vehicle breaks down, they can find a replacement vehicle almost immediately. We are genuinely impressed. We are thankful for taking such good care of us for the entire two years. We will continue to use them even after our daughter finishes school.

      Ms Lim
      Private Customer, Hong Kong

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